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Powers and Stats Edit

Tier: 8-C: Building/7-B: City level

Name: Din

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Classification: Superhuman/Meta human/New Ager

Powers and Abilities: Kinetic energy manipulation, Kinetic absorption.

Attack Potency: Building level/City level(Able to easily decimate buildings with a touch. City level w/prep. Needs to absorb the kinetic from the earth for several minutes.)

Speed: Subsonic/supersonic speeds.

Lifting Strength: 20-30 Tons(Depends on how much kinetic energy she has stored in her body)

Striking Strength: Megajoule/Terajoule range

Durability: Town level/City level+(Able to withstand the kinetic force of a meteorite capable of destroying NY city)

Stamina: High-High(Can fight as long as she wants as long as she doesn't try to absorb to much kinetic energy at one time)

Range: Building Level/City level

Standard Equipment: Her body

Intelligence: Above Average human(Only when it comes to fighting. Aside from this its only average)

Weaknesses: Can only absorb so much kinetic energy. Approximately around the terajoule range(This amount of energy is equivalent to the atomic bomb that exploded over Hiroshima).

- Doesn't think before going in for an attack. To confident in her own absorption ability. 

Feats: N/A